Sports And Health In The Time Of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Do you miss the sounds of whistles going off, stop watches clicking, your teammates trying to best you, and all the laughs you shared on the field and in the locker room?

It’s such a trying time for many. Athletic programs schedules have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. Schooling is now online and most student-athletes have limited access to daily exercise.

Your mental, emotional, and physical health is important and must be maintained through the global pandemic. According to the CDC, staying physically active during the ongoing crisis is one way to manage stress and stay healthy.

Tips include:

1. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize - wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, avoid hand shakes with people not in your household, and be aware of physical contact and your safety.

2. Make a schedule to keep schoolwork up to date.

3. Talk to your family members to check in on everyone.

4. Ask your parents for help in seeking professional mental health counseling .

5. Reach out to teammates and coaches to see how everyone is doing.

6. Check for exercise tips from your coach.

7. Get out of the house, unplug, walk around your neighborhood .

8. Play games in the backyard with your family.

“Regular physical activity helps improve overall health and fitness, & reduces risk for chronic disease”


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