Meet Sasha 🦋

Health and Wellness Copywriter and Content Marketing Writer  

I'm a former All-American athlete, IIN graduate, coach, and smartwatch wearing all-around health enthusiast.


I've always been passionate about writing and researching.


I'm reliable with a knack for meeting deadlines.

Your business deserves it. 


“Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind”. 

                                                             Rudyard Kipling


     I Specialize In

Image by Merakist
Business Brainstorming
Stone Tower
Young Family
Image by Alex Block
Image by Merakist
Business Brainstorming
Stone Tower
Young Family
Image by Alex Block

Saving You Stress

SEO Strategy

Growing Your Audience

Balancing Your Voice

Giving You Back Time

Educating your audience


This is the digital age... Everything moves fast.

Your business's health and wellness are my priority. 

You get:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) strategies: Boost your ranking in Google searches with keywords that connect your business to more ideal clients

  • Increased revenues and more time to do what you love: Reach your income goals with more clients seeking your expertise

  • Scientific-backed research into your target clients market: Let’s discover what your clients need and how best to attract them to your services

  • Engaging and educational content: Create meaningful connections with website copy that's attractive, error-free, and easily formatted

  • Words are compelling:

Showcase your expertise and authority. Simple, easy to digest words for your newsletter promotions, new blogs, articles, etc.

  • Consistently great copy delivered on time: Grow your customer list with a website reflecting current studies. Show results in health and wellness to improve their lives. 

  • Pictures speak a thousand words: Use royalty-free photography or your own to show who you are and what you do   

You get it all delivered at deadline.


 No boring copy over here!

Building trust with your target audience is important

You get professionalism from concept through the final draft.

As my client, you get dedication to quality - copywriting, content, images, SEO, storytelling, customer engagement, etc.


I research your target market and write informative copy and content to engage your audience.


Your readers get easily understood, NONjargon  answers to solve their problems. 

This boost traffic on your website and turn browsers into buyers. 

Let me use my words to help you stand out from your peers in the super competitive health and wellness market.


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