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Hey Katie,

Remember how we used to salivate over all the pictures of steaming plates of hand cut pasta covered in marinara sauce, paired with red wine and cheese plates? We were always talking about food and the places that we wanted to go and explore.

We could practically smell the fresh basil and spices wafting from the pasta, taste the sweet tartness of the wine, and hear the hum of conversations from the travel magazine pages we read.

I miss the bellyful of laughs that we had over great food. It’s been a while since we sat down and caught up.

Katie, as my foodie best friend I’d love to catch up with you. We’ve always talked about going to Italy for a girl’s trip. I propose a girl’s night out at the most authentic Italian Restaurant by the bay.

It’s my favorite restaurant. It’s like traveling to Italy without feeling the jet lag. The reviews say that the food is so exceptional. “It makes your mouth water when you smell it.” They relish in the decor and water views through the windows.

I know... you may be skeptical, but have I ever steered you wrong?

Remember our trip to Jamaica? You didn’t want to try the mangoes.

As you watched, I had the vendor peel one for me. You saw the lush ripeness of the fresh picked fruit and smelled the sweetness of mango in the air.

I ate a few slices and started to describe the rich texture and flavorful taste. Sweet juices dripped to the ground.

You were convinced to try it.

I can still see your eyes widen as the flavors touch your taste buds. Your smile was so big as you delighted in the runaway juices on your fingers. Jamaican mango became of your favorite fruit.

Katie, the wait list at the restaurant is three months long. Luckily, I know the owner and got reservations for today. We can meet for dinner. I’ll cover the cost of our meals and we can catch up on the gossip of what's going on in each other’s lives.

It would be great to see my foodie best friend. Call or email me back with your response.

Looking forward.

P.S. My reservation is only valid for one day so we’ll have to meet tonight. I know that we’re both busy, but this restaurant will be worth visiting. People rave about the food and customer service of the staff.

We’ll also meet the owner and the head chef. He promised something especially mouth watering for us to try.

Think about the laughs we’ll have. Join me for new experiences and make more awesome memories.

Call or email me asap.


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