Copywriting and Content Marketing for Health and Wellness

Let the curious find you!

According to Google, over 1 billion health and wellness searches occur online everyday...Everyday! 

If you're not online, your business is dying ...


Have you thought about how you're represented online? Your personal and professional brand?  

As a business owner, you know potential customers put their trust and dollars into the business with solutions for their problems. 


WHO YOU ARE: You have amazing products and ideas for your health and wellness customers.


Your products are great for athletic programs and medical groups.

You've also worked with fitness newbies,  stay at home parents, HR wellness programs, and the technology that comes with that.

ISSUE: You know your business needs content and copy to grow. Word of mouth isn't enough anymore. 

Today's customers are mobile. This means they have access to instant information which drives their demand for expert solutions.

FUN FACTS: They're also less likely to be brand loyal. Unless of course you offer consistently great content. 

 But, you're running the business...

Who's going to write, promote, and publish new content? 

UNIQUE ME: S. Machina Agency tells the story of you and what you offer in your own voice, authentically.

Hi! I’m Sasha- health and wellness copywriter and content marketing writer.


I help healthcare, fitness, sports, and nutrition businesses speak about the amazing things they do. 


With 20+ years of experience as a competitive athlete, coach, and healthcare associate. I have an in-depth picture of the health and wellness market.

I'm a resource with solutions for clients. I provide engaging, compelling content aligned with your key message. 

I can: 

  • Help you answer your audience questions

  • Help you get found by broadening your online reach (SEO)

  • Attract your buying audience by telling your story 

  • Educate your audience about your services to set you apart from your competition 






Your health and wellness website could use a pick me up.

Schedule a 15 minutes consultation today. 

Potential clients NEED to know you can help...

With a framework of customized strategies to magnetize your brand.  Mcopywriting superpowers maximize your business's strengths and marketing dollars.

 I write:

  •  case studies

  •  blogs

  • social media posts

  • articles

  • email campaigns

  • E-newsletters

  • And I'm also a research junkie*



Let's turn relationships into revenue ...

And brand you as a knowledgeable health and wellness expert. 


GOAL: To help drive traffic, generate leads, and grow your brand, each project gets relevant and relatable content for your audience. 


You get...

  • Clear, SEO-optimization-helps you reach new customers

  • Compelling and error-free work-grows your business

  • Audience-focused and conversion-oriented copy-increase your revenue  



The result? Raving fans and loyal customers.

Ready to discover more?


Click the button for a free 15 minutes consultation…


This is what others say about me...

“I'm a testimonial. Coming soon.”


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What you put in and on  your body reflects your overall health.


If you offer fitness gear, app, nutrition, sports education, or the latest exercise craze then I can help you reach new customers.

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